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The Many Faces of Goddess with Kimberly Moore

Episode Summary

Who are we speaking of when we refer to “Goddess?” Is She one overarching deity, or someone different – someone with many different faces and expressions around the world? On the latest episode, I explore this question with Kimberly Moore, founder of Motherhouse of the Goddess, a devotional community and living altar dedicated to the Goddess in all Her emanations. Kimberly, who is also the Founder and Director of Mystery School of the Goddess and the host of Goddess Alive Radio podcast, has been walking the Goddess path for more than three decades. On today’s show, we explore: • Kimberly’s spiritual background, including encounters with “The Lady” at a very young age; • Her relationships with Goddess in many forms, including Hecate, Mother Mary, and Oshun • How white women in particular can responsibly approach and honor Goddess from outside their lineage and traditions • What the word “Goddess” means to her • And what wisdom Goddess has to offer us all today.

Episode Notes