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The Legacy of Marija Gimbutas with Joan Marler

Episode Summary

As one of the most influential people in the modern Goddess movement, the Lithuanian-American anthropologist and archaeologist Marija Gimbutas advanced the theory that European prehistoric culture was matrilineal, and that the concept of a Mother Goddess was ubiquitous throughout “Old Europe,” a term she coined. Marija’s research helped fuel an incredible wave of feminist scholarship and inquiry into the history of the Divine Feminine, and generated a new field of study known as archaeomythology, but she wasn’t without controversy; many of her fellow archeologists expressed skepticism about her description of a peaceful prehistoric Europe centered around the feminine. On today’s episode, Founder and Executive Director of the Institute of Archaeomythology Joan Marler joins me to discuss Marija Gimbutas’ life and her legacy. Joan worked closely with Marija as her personal editor for seven years, and continues to lecture internationally about Professor Gimbutas’ life and work. She is also the editor of The Civilization of the Goddess, one of Marija Gimbutas’ most well-known works, as well as From the Realm of the Ancestors: An Anthology in Honor of Marija Gimbutas, The Journal of Archaeomythology, The Danube Script, and several other publications.

Episode Notes

Joan and I discussed lots of resources today! Here are several links for additional exploration: