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Embracing a Mythopoetic Life with Molly Remer

Episode Summary

Midlife can be a period of profound change. How can we journey through this period with grace, and what can we learn in the process? On today’s episode, I explore these questions with Molly Remer, author of the new book Walking with Persephone: A Mid-Life Journey of Descent and Renewal, published by Womancraft Publishing. Molly is a priestess facilitating women’s circles, seasonal rituals, and family ceremonies, and along with her husband, Mark, is the creator of the popular Story Goddesses offered by Brigid’s Grove. On today’s episode, we explore the lessons Molly learned through her relationship with Persephone, the mythopoetic containers of our lives, how to find magic in the ordinary moments, and how to cultivate a deeper relationship with the natural world right around us.

Episode Notes

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Molly’s latest book is Walking with Persephone: A Midlife Journey of Descent and Renewal, published by Womancraft Publishing. You can learn more about Molly, her books and her popular Story Goddesses at www.brigidsgrove.com

We also discussed the following books: